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I follow Rebel News and sometimes send them a few dollars. I do not agree with everything they post and report on. The Israel-Palestine conflict and environmental issues being two examples. Instead of getting angry I just do not read or view Rebel News on these issues. It is the same with other media I follow: sometimes they write something I find ridiculous and I just ignore it and move on.

Since I follow conservative media (Spectator UK magazine and Rebel News), libertarian media (Reason magazine), anarchist media (mostly on Substack), and an assortment of leftist media (from Breaking Points to the Jacobin to Matt Taibbi) I have learned to accept disagreement and ignore articles that seem ridiculous to me.

The online left is pretty much nutty and best to stay away from. I say this as an old school leftie (non left/right nowadays) not part of any tribe.

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