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This is an interesting and crucial subject. There is no easy answer. Alas I believe there can be no role for government, and that goes double for Canada. It has proven itself fundamentally unsuited to this kind of oversight.

That means parents as the porn sites cannot be trusted. They won't care.

What we actually need to do is change the culture around smartphones and internet use. We talk about it like social media and internet is crucial to children. Yet most of their parents will have grown up without it.

So I think the best long-term strategy is quite literally a culture where phone and internet use by those under 18 is frowned upon, like alcohol consumption.

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It’s easy to block porn by setting pointing a device’s DNS to Clean Browsing’s IP addresses. Of course, it’s not as if children need internet access at all.

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You need to read Michael Geist’s assessment of the Conservatives maligned intentions to support Bill S-210 . It’s Censorship yes Conservative approved with draconian overreach possibilities:


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Thank you!

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I made a comment but totally missed the token portion somehow! Sorry! I promise I will not read your stack without coffee again

I’m in favour of tokens (type 2 above)! Not perfect but neither is tobacco control.

I am also in favour of the government initiating a shame-campaign against pornography. Canadian ISPs could be required to play videos before you can access (eg mindgeek) sites that have former porn industry people discuss how awful their experience night have been or the negative impact it has had on then after leaving. Watching pornography is literally bad for everyone and we *should* feel bad when we use it. This would also signal to people that it’s ok to shame each other for it

I mean… I’d also be OK if we used military hackers to harass internet pornographers and JTF2 to go after those who do the *real* egregious stuff anywhere in the world like Mossad with Eichmann

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