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What started out as a Podcast has evolved into a written component. Why writing? There is a level of detail and visualization that writing accomplishes that can be difficult in the spoken format. Podcasts take quite awhile to produce from beginning to end, however when ones pulls up Substack a blank page awaits, waiting to be filled with thoughts and ideas.

What type of writing can you expect?

Most of the time you can expect hot takes on culturally relevant topics. Sometimes there will be reflections on historical events, personal philosophy, nihilistic pondering and more. The writing is generally Conservative in nature but there will probably be more Liberal elements then you might expect.

What’s the cost?

Most of the publications are free.

There is a paid option for less then $6 a month. Subscribing through a paid option helps pay the Podcasting hosting fee and the main website fee. It also helps with motivation because despite what you may have been told, 0.01% of podcasters ever make money off their show and almost none, except a very exclusive select few, make a living off of their content.

I hope after reading this that you will consider subscribing and if you receive value from the content consider a paid subscription.

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I'm a Canadian Man living in Saskatchewan. I work full time where I get to make a difference in the lives of troubled people and I work part time where I get to make a positive difference for youth. I podcast and blog on topics of interest.